Automatic Dispensers

Fluid Management automatic dispensers are the gold standard for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Packed with proprietary technologies, including our best-in-class DVX® pump technology, our automatic dispensers produce the industry’s most consistent, accurate, and repeatable color formulation for architectural coatings, wood stains, Stucco, and EIFS. Their advanced technology together with their small footprint, self-serviceability, and speed make Fluid Management automatic dispensers the only dispensers you’ll ever buy.

  • Sequential Dispenser
    • X-Smart®

      Volume: Entry-level

      Price: $

      Ideal for convenience retailers

      The X-SMART® is the most economical automatic dispenser on the market and a great way for low-volume retailers to speed up their paint operations.


      Volume: Medium volume

      Price: $$

      Affordable and Efficient

      The X-PROTINT is a robust steel design, user-friendly and easy to maintain automatic dispenser with a low TOC. 

  • Simultaneous Dispenser
    • Accutinter 1600
      Accutinter 1600

      Volume: Low Volume

      Price: $$

      Most popular for hardware retailers

      The Accutinter 1600 dispenses two colors simultaneously using sharpshooter DVX® technology. Small footprint, speedy, easy to maintain.

    • Accutinter 1600HS
      Accutinter 1600HS

      Volume: Low/medium volume

      Price: $$$

      For volume retailers with limited space

      The Accutinter 1600HS is a high-speed, 4-color dispenser with a tiny footprint for medium-volume, automated dispensing in tight quarters.

    • Accutinter 7000HS
      Accutinter 7000HS

      Volume: Medium/high volume

      Price: $$$$

      High-volume hardware retailers and paint stores

      The Accutinter 7000HS also dispenses four colors at a time but accommodates larger canisters than the 1500HS to hold more colorant—fewer refills, higher productivity.

    • Accutinter 8000 Elite
      Accutinter 8000 Elite

      Volume: High volume

      Price: $$$$$

      High-volume paint stores and manufacturers

      Our top-of-the-line automatic dispenser, the Accutinter 8000 Elite is a high-volume dispenser with a five-gallon conveyer to keep your workflow moving with no-wait efficiency.