Manual Dispensers

Fluid Management manual dispensers are easy to use and maintain, accurate, reliable, and built like army tanks—they simply go, go, go. Perfect for architectural coatings, wood stains, stucco, and EIFS, our manual dispensers come with different pump and canister sizes to adapt to almost any need, including LVOC, organic, and industrial colorants. The perfect blend of proven technology and user-friendly design, Fluid Management manual dispensers will help your paint department run as smooth as silk so you can make more money.

  • Blendorama Dispensers
    • Blendorama 22CW
      Blendorama 22CW

      Volume: Low volume

      Price: $

      Entry-level dispenser for small retailers

      The Blendorama 22CW is an entry-level dispenser featuring our Sniffback™ anti-drip feature, locking gauges, and LVOC/ZVOC compliance. A cost-effective choice for low-volume needs.

    • Blendorama 25PD
      Blendorama 25PD

      Volume: Medium volume

      Price: $$

      For hardware/paint retailers with high volume and limited space

      The Blendorama 25PD is a mid-volume dispenser with a 2-oz pump and 2.5-qt canisters. Features Sniffback™ anti-drip feature and locking gauges.

    • Blendorama 53PD
      Blendorama 53PD

      Volume: High volume

      Price: $$$

      High-volume hardware retailers and paint stores

      The Blendorama 53PD is for high-volume dispensing. Features both 1-oz and 5-oz pumps, Sniffback™ anti-drip feature, and locking gauges.

  • Harbil Dispensers
    • Harbil Dual-Pump
      Harbil Dual-Pump

      Volume: High volume

      Price: $$$$

      High-volume hardware retailers and paint stores

      The Harbil dual-pump dispenser features 6-liter stainless steel canisters and dual pumps to increase mixing speed. Sawtoothed, self-zeroing gauges eliminate tinting errors. Perfect for solvent and industrial colorants.

    • Harbil NSC80
      Harbil NSC80

      Volume: Medium volume

      Price: $$

      Mid-volume dispenser, LVOC/ZVOC-capable with optional nozzle closers

      The Harbil NSC80 is a mid-volume dispenser featuring stainless steel canisters and LVOC/ZVOC compliance. Perfect for solvent and industrial colorants.