Blendorama 22CW Manual Dispensers

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Blendorama 22CW


The Blendorama 22CW has been discontinued. Fluid Management will continue to provide support for this product through January 1, 2026 as parts availability dictates.

The recommended replacement for the Blendorama 22CW is the X-Smart. The X-Smart is the most economical entry-level automatic dispenser on the market. Small in size and big on value, the X-SMART can slide right into the spot your manual dispenser now occupies and help you grow your business.

Dispensing: Piston Pump
Pump Capacity: 2 oz. + 1/4 oz. (Dual Pump)
Accuracy (Minimum Dispense): 1/384th oz. (colorant dependent)
Canister Capacity: 58 oz. (1.8 quarts)
Canister Material: Solvent-Resistant Plastic

Counter Model:

Quart and 1-gallon

Floor Model:

Quart, 1-gallon and 5-gallon

Nozzle Closer: Sniffback and self-sealing wiper blades
Colorant Compatibility: Universal and Waterborne

Counter Model:

12/16 Canisters: 34"D x 21"H

12/16 Canisters: 34"D x 21"H

Turntable Floor:

12/16 Canisters: 34"D x 53"H

12/16 Canisters: 34"D x 53"H

Agitation: Bottom Electrical
Power: 110v 60Hz or 220v 50Hz or 60Hz
Options: Agitation timer




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