Harbil NSC80 Manual Dispensers

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Harbil NSC80


The Harbil NSC Series is iconic as the most trusted and longest lasting manual dispensers in the architectural coatings industry. These dispensers are equipped with Teflon®-coated piston seals and stainless steel canisters for extended life in the most demanding environments. The optional nozzle-closer makes the NSC80 the best-in-class dispenser for LVOC/ZVOC colorants. Its 2-oz pump and 2.5-qt canisters make it ideal for higher-volume stores. Available with single-motor bottom agitation or with manual agitation to accommodate electrical requirements in special environments.


  • Accurate dispensing through sawtoothed, self-zeroing gauges
  • Easy to learn, use, and clean, with quick-release canisters
  • Flexible configurations: floor, counter, or in-line
  • LVOC/ZVOC colorants
  • Stainless steel plastic canisters
Dispensing: Piston Pump
Pump Capacity: 2 oz.
Accuracy (Minimum Dispense): 1/128th oz. (colorant dependent)
Canister Capacity: 80 oz. (2.5 quarts)
Canister Material: Stainless-Steel
Seals & Lids: Industrial Seals & Lids

Counter Model:

Quart and 1-gallon

Floor Model:

Quart, 1-gallon and 5-gallon

Nozzle Closer: Sniffback and self-sealing wiper blades
Colorant Compatibility: Universal, Waterborne, Organic, Solvents

Counter Model:

12 Canisters: 25"D x 27" H

16 Canisters: 36"D x 27"H

Floor Model:

12 Canisters 25"D x 63" H

16 Canisters: 36"D x 63"H

Inline Counter Model:

12 Canisters: 54"W x 20"D x 54" H

Agitation: Bottom Electrical
(Top Electrical on Inline Models) 
Power: 110v 60Hz or 220v 50Hz
Options: Quick-Release Canisters
Agitation timer




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