Mixers & Shakers

Fluid Management has years of experience developing long-lasting mixers and shakers that fill every need, volume, space, and application. They’re rugged, long-lasting, and hard-working. From 1-gallon to 5-gallon, gyroscopic to vortex, we design the best mixers in the business to meet every space constraint and budget.

  • VR-1+

    Use: 1-gallon

    Price: $

    1-gallon vortex mixer

    Our V-Series vortex mixer is not only fast but long-lasting and efficient. Handles 1-gallon cans and adapts to handle quarts and pints. Stack to save space.

  • Harbil 5G-HD 5 Gallon Shaker
    5G-HD Harbil 5-Gallon Shaker

    Use: 1-gallon/5-gallon/case

    Price: $$$$

    Heavy-duty shaker for commercial use

    The Harbil 5G-HD Shaker is a rugged workhorse for mixing stucco and other granular materials. Handles everything from quarts to 5-gallon containers.