ColorPro 4 software optimizes the performance of your Fluid Management Accutinter automatic dispensers, helping you automate paint-tinting functions and record-keeping to improve both customer service and profitability.

What Makes ColorPro Different

Our ColorPro software is the leading software for many reasons:

Three Versions: Chose the One That’s Best for You

ColorPro 4 comes in three versions—Basic, Professional, and Enterprise—depending on your dispensing needs, reporting requirements, and store network size. With simple, easy-to-read screens, employees can learn to tint in minutes, not days. All models interface with leading spectrophotometer systems to ensure easy operation using the computer you already have. See comparison chart for more details.

ColorPro 4 Basic

ColorPro4 Basic provides automated formula book dispensing and formula saving by linking Accutinter dispensers to paint manufacturer formula books (rather than entering formulas by hand). This prevents mistints and rework.

It also includes a coverage estimator that calculates the amount of paint your customers will need based on room size. Another cool feature is internal formula queuing, which lets your staff queue formulas for multiple jobs or customers and dispense them later.

ColorPro 4 Professional

ColorPro 4 Basic lets you to operate your dispensing equipment, but ColorPro 4 Professional lets you improve the efficiency of your paint department with additional features such as:

ColorPro 4 Enterprise

For owners of multiple stores, ColorPro 4 Enterprise gives you better control of your paint departments and reporting tools to improve customer service across all stores.